Swimming lessons recommence

23 Jun 2020
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Swim School & Covid-19 

We are extremely excited to be resuming swim school as of Monday 22 June. The health and safety of everyone who enters our centre comes first, so we have made sure that our teaching team is more than prepared to teach within the new restrictions. Our teachers have undergone Department of Health COVID-19 infection control training, and have been retrained to effectively teach with minimal physical contact to the students. 

Our restrictions: 

  • As set out by the NSW Government currently our pool capacity is determined by 4sqm per person. This means that we have limits on the amount of people we can have in each pool- lifeguards will be monitoring numbers to ensure that we keep within regulations. This also means that we will be closing the program pool 8-1 on weekends to public swimming while swim school is on. You are welcome to swim in the lap pool during these times.  

  • 1.5m distancing between adults. We have marked our benches at 1.5m intervals so that distancing is carried out while watching classes. 

How will these affect us? 

  • Certain classes have been changed or moved around. Anyone affected by this will be contacted by our reception team to confirm another suitable option instead.  

  • Bubs classes have all been reduced to 8 per class instead of 10 so that distancing can be possible. Again, if this affects you, you will be contacted. 

  • Reduced numbers in the program pool means we cannot allow free swimming in there before and after classes. Your child is more than welcome to have a swim in the Lap Pool before or after class. 

  • Adult lessons are being given more space to hold the class in, in order to fulfil social distancing requirements correctly. 

  • Lockers will not be available for use for the time being. 

What precautions are teachers taking to ensure our safety? 

  • All teachers have undergone specific COVID Infection control training. 

  • Physical contact while teaching is allowed, but our teachers have been retrained to use minimal contact teaching as much as possible. They are being encouraged to use equipment as support where possible instead of physical support. 

  • There will be a visible Hygiene Officer on deck to ensure that all necessary precautions are being maintained. 

  • Equipment will not be used for the first 5 minutes of each lesson so that the Hygiene Officer can wipe everything down before re-use. Where we can, we will be having a second set of equipment to rotate out and cleaned at the end of each lesson.  

  • We will be assigning students their own set of each equipment (kickboards, noodles) to use through the lesson to reduce shared equipment. 

  • All teachers will have Infection Control kits in their buckets- hand sanitiser and wipes. 

  • Entry and exit points to class spaces will be separated where we can to reduce crossover between different class groups. 

Other Notes: 

  • Bathrooms will have Staff regularly walking through and ensuring that they are up to the correct standard of cleanliness. 

  • Socially distanced spaces have been marked out on the bathroom benches. 

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